Una Tacita de CAFÉ TACVBA…
What more is there for me to do about missing out on Café Tacvba playing in the 805 this weekends but to brag about my previous exploits. Café Tacvba is celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band this year. I’m proud to say that I ‘ve been in toe with them for most of those years. I even dug deep into my personal archive (pre smart phones mind you) to share some of my most memorable moments here. With a picture being worth a thousand words and all I’ll just fill in the blanks as I go. (P.S. This post is dedicated to Antonio Pelayo for inspiring me to write this post while he poured salt on the wound by rubbing it in that he would be seeing Café Tacvba at the Whiltern in LA tonight adding insult to injury he’s going to the AFTER PARTY W/THEM. Lucky so and so, anyway, moving on…)
02 Nov 2014 in Out and About
Havana Nights…
Havana Nights…   How time does fly. Honestly, It seems to me that it was only yesterday that I posted my last blog. Alas weeks and weeks have gone by since. As I said time is just flying by. Let me tell you a few weeks ago I got an email for a local fundraiser that was happening on a Friday night. Which included Brazilian dancers, live music, Salas dancing, food drinks. Say no more the flyer had me at Brazilian. That weekend also happened to be my good friend Marcio’s birthday week so I decided to take him out dancing. It’s been awhile since Marcio has danced (Marcio happens to be a Flamenco dancer) since he works and travels so much. Anyway it was a hit we both had a blast. There’s one thing I learned that night lady’s and gents KITTEN HEELS are were it’s at with the Salsa aficionado crowd. If you mean to go out and really DANCE leave the mile high stilettos in the closet, Unless you just wanna look cute sitting down all night, But if you REALLY wanna do some damage on the dance floor then break out your feistiest pair of kitten […]
07 Oct 2014 in Out and About
The One That Started it ALL…
Lady’s and gentlemen with out further a do, I present to you, The Joint (episode 101). The Joint was the brainchild of Veronica Pantoja. Ever the Groupie, Veronica decided to create this student produced (shout out to OCTV) Spanglish language music TV show that focused on featuring the who’s who and what’s what of the Underground Rock En Español scene in Southern California in the 90’s.   Go to VeronicaPantoja.com select the “The Joint” menú then click Episode 101.   ENJOY!!!   Don’t forget to leave a comment.          
11 Sep 2014 in The Joint
Hello EVERYONE!!! I know at least ONE of you is out there. (I have proof). I had every intention of making this a Throw Back Thursday post but that’s not happening this week so here is my first Refurbished Friday post. On that note I was trepidacious about writing a post about something that went down all the way back in June. (Oh come on who am I kidding? Stay tuned for a Refurbished Friday post all about EASTER.) Last I checked the bar is on the low end when it comes to timely quality entertainment. Endless reruns of cable shows all about NOTHING apparently have no expiration date whatsoever. If E! has no qualm about real time relevant “reality” programing. I figure I’m right on schedule. It sounded so much better in my head this T.V. analogy… Okay moving on. Picture it, a sunny, warm, and slightly breezy day, a perfect backdrop for a commencement ceremony. Yes, that’s right a good old American graduation was happening. My nephew was graduating and I was OVER THE MOON proud of him so of coarse I had to be there. I wouldn’t miss sharing this experience with him for the world. Right […]
29 Aug 2014 in Commentary
Much ado about marshmallows…
Greetings cyber peeps! I know at least one of you is out there. This post is more for practice (getting in the habit of regular blog posting). Still that’s no reason for mediocre content. Here I am with today’s to do list just wagging its invisible finger at me. “Write blog post”, it says. Okay, okay, I heard you the first time. No need to yell at me. I’m at my computer and I start meandering online instead of writing this week’s blog post. Anyway I stumble on an abomination of junk food decadence.  It suffices to say that this recipe is no doubt deliciously toxic in the absolute worst way. So of course I’m totally craving it NOW. I have to tell you though I am consciously omitting refined sugars as much as I can, because between you and me, it really is murder on the joints. I can do without all that inflammation thank you very much. I mean there is just nothing good about inflammation anyway you slice it. I start looking around for “healthier” marshmallow alternatives. That just happens to be one of the ingredients I’d like to substitute. Mind you I haven’t even gotten through […]
03 Jul 2014 in Commentary
Wordy Blog Post Part Two…
I decided to extend last weeks post about the Gourmet Food Trucks and the Art Booths mostly because I have a lot of good pictures but also because this event, is just around the corner, first Thursday of the month its coming real soon, don’t miss out on the Summer time fun. Enjoy!
26 Jun 2014 in Artistic Collaberation
Art Booth @ First Thursday Downtown Oxnard’s Food Trucks
A picture is worth a thousand words, on that note here’s a wordy blog post. I had an Art Booth at this months Downtown Oxnard’s First Thursday Gourmet Food Trucks. It was really fun. The weather was nice, the entertainment was fun, the ART was beautiful and the food was SO GOOD, ENJOY! 
21 Jun 2014 in Artistic Collaberation
Throw back Thursday…
It’s really Thursday!!! Here is my second Throw back Thursday blog post. Introducing the City of Oxnard’s First Thursday of the month Gourmet Food truck event. My friend and I attended this event in May for the first time and it was actually quite nice and delicious, relaxing, and enjoyable. There are two art dedicated building very near where the event is held and both were hosting a coinciding art events to complement the Food trucks and live music. Here are some pictures. Please enjoy! On that note, as a recipient of the Oxnard Cultural Art grant, I will have an art booth at this months Gourmet Food Truck event in downtown Oxnard this evening… So come on down have some yummy food while feeding your eyes on local talent, art, artist, and entertainment.
A lot later then just a little…
According to my list of blog topics I’m like two months behind. It’s interesting, when I was getting started with the habit of blogging, I didn’t really know what to blog about. So I reached out to others for suggestions on how to grease the wheels in my head so I could get things going. One of the things I started doing was keeping a list of ideas for topics to blog about and at first I got an idea once a week. The pace suited me well enough. Though before I knew it wasn’t the lack of topics to blog about that was keeping me from blogging. I had accumulated plenty of worthwhile topics but now the problem was, it seemed, I lacked the time to type them out. Suddenly there was so much going on and I just must participate. Life was happening and it needed attending to in real time. So the blog topics just kept piling up, and I just kept ignoring them accordingly, like I sometimes do, that ever growing, pile of laundry till I could ignore the mounting stink of GIT R DONE no more. Exactly like when the laundry is just too ripe […]
30 May 2014 in Commentary, Out and About
LA Times Festival of Books
(Okay so this event was exactly a month ago but whose keeping tabs, right?) The LA Times Festival of books was held Friday April 11th through Sunday the 13th at the UCS campus. I was there it was a book lovers nice dream. The weather leant itself to the event it was bright fresh and breezy. A worthy afternoon of browsing through not only books but stands with various offerings things for sale and much other stuff for free. Books, Art, yummy grub from food trucks, and squirrels too. I could tell you all about it but how about you take a look for yourselves? (Unfortunately I didn’t get her name) This was one of the artist that was there displaying this nifty book sculpture.     Art speaks for itself…can’t forget the squirrels
12 May 2014 in Out and About
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