Stinky Pinky and Sweaty Betty are both allergic to confetti and ink and paper clips too…   Oh, and that gum underneath your shoe Yes, and that Martian Named Gazoo   So they hide out on New Year’s Eve and avoid stationary indeed as well as go to great extremes to not cross the path of gumball machines and they NEVER watch cartoons they don’t even eat with spoons (I don’t know why)   Though there’s something they enjoy A LOT They LOVE to smell each other when its HOT!     -Veronica Pantoja
10 Mar 2015 in Poetry
Sounding Echoes
The echoes of Augustine’s Confession: “And men go abroad to admire the heights of mountains, the mighty billows of the sea, the broad tide of rivers, the compass of the ocean, and the circuits of the stars, and pass themselves by…” Inspire Petrarch’s crucial conclusion: “Nothing is admirable but the soul.”   Much like the air that we breath and the water that  we drink, have passed through the ins and outs, of every living organism that has ever lived, on this beautiful and gracious planet, so to will all the words that have ever uttered, resound in the echoes of humanities collective voice throughout the vastness of time to be heard at the right place and in the right time by those who need to hear them.
18 Feb 2015 in Commentary, Poetry
Past the filth of guilt Through the grime the grit The soot the shit   Where it seemed perseverance failed It was kindness that prevailed Dissolved the mirage   Lifted the fog Burned up the bog Cleared a path Paved a way In the NOW   The jagged cliff The teetering tip The precipices That I’ve always known   Is now simply the threshold Of an open door To so much more
29 Jan 2015 in Poetry
Eternal Muse
My eyes are hypnotic With thier fiercely clear gaze My glance is the lure Of the unresolved maze Look closer to see I AM the key to and The unopen door The enigma of answer I AM the wisdom at its core   Hiding on the peripheral Of ALL the things you want more I AM their very lore   My step is the sway Of the waves My movement glides With the certainty of tides My every tread Is a Sacred Dance My every move imbues Romance   I AM the Wish above command  I AM the Warm Gleam of the sand   My hands are the Magic of the wands In the flick of my wrist And the twist of my arms In the tips of my fingers I hold the luckiest charms   My touch is Sweet and Hot and Cold Lingering Longing Hungrily Satisfying Savage and Sensual Holy and Healing Virginally Sexual Repulsively Appealing   My skin breathes the essence of Gold I AM the hold you’ll ever hope to have I AM the ever present loom of change I AM the reason for EVERY season I AM Performer Performance Theatre and Stage   I AM the Newness the Coolness of The […]
13 Mar 2014 in Poetry
Climbing out of the fault lines The cracks in the mask The lifelines of neurosis And all such osis   Shackin it off Rubbing it loose Shedding the dreading And all that exess Complex Under my treading A patchwork of skins That can’t say where I’m going Cos they only point to what I’ve been   Done now with making due With shale and coal While my appitite is for Dimonds and Preals I find nutriment from Precious gems I quench my thirst And feed my hunger With the flames of sacred Fire I grow stronger
12 Mar 2014 in Poetry
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