Eternal Muse

13 Mar 2014 Lola3452 In Poetry

My eyes are hypnotic

With thier fiercely clear gaze

My glance is the lure

Of the unresolved maze

Look closer to see

I AM the key to and

The unopen door

The enigma of answer

I AM the wisdom at its core


Hiding on the peripheral

Of ALL the things

you want more

I AM their very lore


My step is the sway

Of the waves

My movement glides

With the certainty of tides

My every tread

Is a Sacred Dance

My every move imbues



I AM the Wish above command 

I AM the Warm Gleam of the sand


My hands are the Magic of the wands

In the flick of my wrist

And the twist of my arms

In the tips of my fingers

I hold the luckiest charms


My touch is Sweet

and Hot

and Cold

Lingering Longing

Hungrily Satisfying

Savage and Sensual

Holy and Healing

Virginally Sexual

Repulsively Appealing


My skin breathes the essence of Gold

I AM the hold you’ll ever hope to have

I AM the ever present loom of change

I AM the reason for EVERY season

I AM Performer






I AM the Newness the Coolness of

The up coming phase

I AM the anticipation

the New and the Known


I AM the familiar welcome of Goodby

And the letting go in every Hello


The blow and flow of the Wind

Are my mane

In every strand are the

Tickle and Tease

Of the Spring



Autumn breeze


My voice is the lulling

In every Siren’s song

I AM the wanting wispers

on every Lovers lips


My sounds are

the cooing and coaxing

in every midnight moan

The raw animal desire

Of every grunt and groan



I AM the flame of Passion’s fire

I AM the tamed in every beast

The stealth of hunt before the feast


I AM the faith in every child

The innocence to trust

In ALL things WILD

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