A lot later then just a little…

30 May 2014 Lola3452 In Commentary, Out and About

According to my list of blog topics I’m like two months behind. It’s interesting, when I was getting started with the habit of blogging, I didn’t really know what to blog about. So I reached out to others for suggestions on how to grease the wheels in my head so I could get things going. One of the things I started doing was keeping a list of ideas for topics to blog about and at first I got an idea once a week. The pace suited me well enough.

Though before I knew it wasn’t the lack of topics to blog about that was keeping me from blogging. I had accumulated plenty of worthwhile topics but now the problem was, it seemed, I lacked the time to type them out. Suddenly there was so much going on and I just must participate. Life was happening and it needed attending to in real time.

So the blog topics just kept piling up, and I just kept ignoring them accordingly, like I sometimes do, that ever growing, pile of laundry till I could ignore the mounting stink of GIT R DONE no more. Exactly like when the laundry is just too ripe to bear and you just do it because you really can’t afford to move out just to get away from it. Well, maybe it’s not polite to talk about or compare stink but we’ve all been there. I know that much.

This is my “Throw Back Thursday” first. (Even though technically it’s Friday. I started writing this when it was still Thursday so I’m just going with that.) Back in March I decided to get out and enjoy a particularly, beautifully breeze, warm sunny day, with bright blue skies and everything by taking a stroll. It  started out picturesque and I dare say, exhilarating, with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair and all that, movie magic jazz, and just as my internal movie soundtrack I was about to start…

IMG_3310 IMG_3191

this grim fact messed me all up.

IMG_3183I mean I know shit happens but come on man. HAVE SOME CURRTACY FOR OTHERS. Not everyone is bipedal. Though everyone has the right to enjoy a stroll down the street without having to figure out how to avoid running over a giant turd on the sidewalk. The Rolling Stones are on to something man. Even the Devil knows better “Have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste.” It’s all I’m saying. For now anyway.

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