Throwing (Majestic) Shade…

24 Feb 2015 Lola3452 In Commentary

Today is just one of those GLORIOUS days when my theme song is my Prince Galore playlist. Ahhhh PRINCE gotta love’em. Even my breakfast sandwich paid homage to him, this morning, as I said just one of those days.

Anyway I thought that over the course of time, I’d get over this, cos after all who’s got time to waste on celebrity garbage? Though try as I might I just can’t shake what is troubling me. I’ll be honest with you I was a HARDCORE Prince fan from like the 70’s to 1987. I don’t know, my musical palate was developing in different ways, and Prince’s new sound at the time, with the NPG just didn’t do it for me. Still I won’t hold that against him regardless of creative differences a long history of sharing music exist. Bottom line I’m down with Prince cos we go way back and because he is like NO OTHER he is truly one of a kind.

So back to what’s bothering me. It’s this misleading rumor I read on social media (CURSES that social media). It implied that the night of the Grammy’s as Prince announced Beck’s win he threw shade on Beck via his infamous side eye.

With his silent, sultry, and mysterious manner Prince most definitely has a certain air about him. All that said there is no denying Prince is a classy guy. Prince would not waste his signature, heart stopping, enigmatic glance, to throw shade. I mean get real that look is reserved for bringing babes to they’re knees. Remember that scene in Purple Rain in the rain and he’s on his chopper and all he does is give Apolonia 6 THAT LOOK and she comes running and jumps on the back of his bike. I’m just saying Prince is better then throwing shade (on camera at least). AHH I feel much better now.

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