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02 Nov 2014 Lola3452 In Out and About

What more is there for me to do about missing out on Café Tacvba playing in the 805 this weekends but to brag about my previous exploits. Café Tacvba is celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band this year.

I’m proud to say that I ‘ve been in toe with them for most of those years. I even dug deep into my personal archive (pre smart phones mind you) to share some of my most memorable moments here.

With a picture being worth a thousand words and all I’ll just fill in the blanks as I go. (P.S. This post is dedicated to Antonio Pelayo for inspiring me to write this post while he poured salt on the wound by rubbing it in that he would be seeing Café Tacvba at the Whiltern in LA tonight adding insult to injury he’s going to the AFTER PARTY W/THEM. Lucky so and so, anyway, moving on…)

EPSON scanner image

Circa ’95 outside of The Palace in LA. First time I ever saw Cafe Tacvba live. (Victimas Del Dr. Cerebro opened for them.)I was smitten right from the start. They give an amazing show every single time. This next pic Circa ’97 in Mexico City outside the world trade center.

Me+Joselo '97

I have way too many pics spanning the mid 90’s through the ’00’s. Fast forwarding to 2004. I literally ran into two of the members @ Ameba Records in LA. They were playing a live set in store w/Los Lobos and of coarse we were LATE . We didn’t make it in time to see Los Lobos play. I had no idea they’d be there but there they were. All of these pics have some very interesting stories to them.

Me+Meme '04

07 backstage @ The Majestic Ventura Theatre (First camera phone).

Me+Sizu '04

Okay here comes the good stuff. ’13 The Majestic Ventura Theatre

Sizu34 VT '13

I’m SO CLOSE we’re establishing contact!!! I had the BEST seat in the house. I was SO LUCKY! The seat were so good they weren’t even seats.

Sizu22 VT '13

I got the set list first ever, I got some of the best images and footage ever. It was really a mixed blessing w/the smart phone camera and all, because I couldn’t help but document, at the same time I just really wanted to enjoy the show.

Sizu20 VT '13

While technically I could have recorded the whole thing I didn’t and I have no regrets. Only one that I missed them this year.

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