HATE MAIL… So gross… EEEWWWW!!!!!
I just got back from my mail box. What I found in there today prompted me to come straight here and voice my genuine disgust. FEAR MONGERING RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA!!! IT IS THE GROSSEST THING EVER. I love the fact that I live in a country whose constitution protects it citizen’s right to religious freedom. What I abhor is brain washing through fear mongering by any religious group. There is no way to harvest love if what is really being sown are seeds of hate and willful ignorance by bringing people together through fear. Real love fosters aspiration and courage to overcome adversity no matter what the challenge may be. Spreading fear and hate is cowardly not brotherly.     Namaste
14 Sep 2015 in Uncategorized
Unauthorized Blog Post
Happy (rainy) Tuesday y’all!!! I’m not supposed to blog these days cos I have other writing to do BUT I just can’t help myself. It’s also new releases Tuesday. I haven’t followed new music, let alone new releases, with the same fervor as I used too. I have to “blame it on the rain” today, my curiosity, that is. While browsing through my music player I wondered, “what sounds good?” To my dismay my go to playlist simply would not do, today. So there I went into the “new releases” zone. Boy oh boy is there too much to choose from. Thankfully before I became nauseated, and there by turned off, and subsequently tuned out, due to too much content overload, I spotted someone familiar. Low and behold Snoop Dogg has a new album out today aptly titled BUSH. Everything about it said PLAY. So I did. This is what I have to say it’s the BEST soundtrack for this slippery, slidy, wet, rainy, So. CALI kinda day.
09 Jun 2015 in Uncategorized
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