Much ado about marshmallows…

03 Jul 2014 Lola3452 In Commentary

IMG_3130 IMG_3136Greetings cyber peeps! I know at least one of you is out there. This post is more for practice (getting in the habit of regular blog posting). Still that’s no reason for mediocre content.

Here I am with today’s to do list just wagging its invisible finger at me. “Write blog post”, it says. Okay, okay, I heard you the first time. No need to yell at me.

I’m at my computer and I start meandering online instead of writing this week’s blog post. Anyway I stumble on an abomination of junk food decadence.  It suffices to say that this recipe is no doubt deliciously toxic in the absolute worst way.

So of course I’m totally craving it NOW. I have to tell you though I am consciously omitting refined sugars as much as I can, because between you and me, it really is murder on the joints. I can do without all that inflammation thank you very much. I mean there is just nothing good about inflammation anyway you slice it.

I start looking around for “healthier” marshmallow alternatives. That just happens to be one of the ingredients I’d like to substitute. Mind you I haven’t even gotten through the entire list of ingredients. Simple enough.

I start clicking on suggested links, and just so you know, I did find a sugarless marshmallow recipe (but more on that in another post). Still I keep looking, because there is nothing more invigorating then wasting one’s time surfing online searching for completely unrelated things, then what one should be spending time doing. It’s just SO NAUGHTY. It’s almost impossible not to do. That’s one way to put it another would be to call a spade a spade procrastination at its finest.

Okay so back to the marshmallows. There I am clicking away and there are lots and lots and lots of rice crispy treat alternative recipes. That’s not what I’m looking for but since I’m actively procrastinating what else am I going to do but go and see what all this rice crispy fuss is all about.

WOW! Is what I have to say about that. You know what I learned from this? I learned that people are VERY PASSIONATE about their marshmallows. I’m serious. Some people get really mean and nasty when talking about substituting marshmallows in their rice crispy treat recipes. I mean who knew? I had no idea there was such a great divide about marshmallows. As truly fascinating as I found this discovery to be I eventually close my browser and get back to the business of blogging (about marshmallows).

Apparently this blog is too short for broadcast as it stands. Which means that I’m going to go ahead and face the blogs I’ve been avoiding. I mentioned in a previous post that I have a plethora of blog ideas that have accumulated over the past several months. There are some topics that I have been meaning to blog about for some time. The thing is these require thought and consideration in terms of presentation. It’s just the nature of the topics.

Time has been a factor. I have been busy lately juggling and finalizing different projects simultaneously and as with all things I’ve had to prioritize and these blog topics have been continually put on the back burner.

However it looks to me like I’ll finally have the time to dedicate myself to writing said blog post. Stay tuned…

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