The 80’s Called…

08 Feb 2014 Lola3452 In Commentary

Okay so maybe I’m a little on the late train. I missed the Super Bowl this year and the barrage of various stimulants or rather entertainment that come with it.  That said recently I had the TV on, not watching anything in particular, in fact, I was busy doing something else. The TV served more as white noise then anything else. Though suddenly a commercial was on that held me in its grip. It was so FUNNY I stopped what I was doing just to watch the commercial and LMAO!!!!

It was a commercial for Radio Shack poking fun at its own out datedness. The 80’s called they want their store back. Its the only 80’s reference material that I’ve seen yet that accurately depicts the experience of living through the 80’s, at least for me.

All the pop culture references are SO SPOT ON. It was so good and brought back such a fun nostalgic feeling that I am blogging about it. I just had to share it with anyone who will listen cos it was the best use of advertising time I’ve seen in ages. Radio Shack will be in the back of my mind echoing that good time for Idk how long. Okay I think that’s enough jabbering about it. Here take a look for yourself and I dare you not to have a flash back and a smile on your face. It will literally only take a minute.


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