It’s (ALL) In The Details

02 Feb 2014 Lola3452 In Commentary

The first week of February I was combating cabin fever (rainy weather) by cleaning out my closet. As I was taking things out, so that I could put them back again, later.  I took out a box. Not just any ol’ box its THE BOX. The box where many treasures live.

I had some new things to add to it. So at first it was a very straight forward task. But then I opened it. This time was different then other times before, because I didn’t just stuff some more things in there, close it, and move on the the next thing. This time I sat down and went through that box. Item by item one by one through all the things in there.

It took a long time to get through it all. Maybe it was because, it was more like, I stepped into my treasure box instead of just opening it that day. Part way through I had to rummage around all teary eyed in search of tissues because, it seemed like, just a bit much. But as I blotted my eyes, and blew my nose, I realized it was so much more then just enough.

I felt very grateful to and loved by all those people who took the time to invest in a little detail just for me. Simple cards, (for every occasion), letters, notes and other miscellaneous tidbits, that mean the world to, no one else, but me.


I got to thinking about time and memory and meaning. What really matters? What does it take to take the time to make a moment? I time traveled that day with many people who have come and gone in and out of my life. I went to places that I haven’t visited in too long. I laughed. I cried. But most of all I felt overjoyed, loved, lucky and grateful. All any of us have to give to one another is our time. I am blessed to have a box full of treasures, tiny simple details, that could easily be over looked or worst discarded, at first glance. Though upon closer inspection it is plain to see that the value of my treasures is far beyond any tangible measure.

I’d like to take a moment to say to those of you who have ever taken the time to make some time for me to let me know that you care, to wish me a happy birthday, or merry christmas, or a be my Valentine with a card, a note, or a letter Thank you!  You are the light in my life the kind that guides out of the dark of darks.

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