Can Can and Chuckles…
Lately I’ve been thinking about balance and consequences. I’ve been thinking about the air pollution in China and how almost everything sold in the States is made in China. I’ve been thinking about plastic arts. Frida Kalho and Marilyn Monroe. I’ve been thing about celebrities and the paparazzi and maybe I’ll write about these things in another blog at some other time but, for now, how about a few laughs, instead… Here are so clips from two very funny comidians Maysoon Zayid and Josh Blue.
29 Mar 2014 in Comedy
Bless you, salad.
In the Summer of 2013 I was invited to be a part of an exhibition called “El Norte” at the Anthropology Museum in Xalapa, Mexico. I was honored and, of coarse, more then happy to contribute. What follows is, my contribution for the exhibition. I offer it to you  here in the raw, if you will, as well as, the image that wasn’t chosen for presentation. Please enjoy. (My contribution was part of the live exhibition only. It is not a part of the online version.) Resources! Resources are nothing to sneeze at. I’m not sure what your piece is looking for since I was not clear on its intended context or audience pero … Alice Voy-. My personal experience as an American woman of Mexican parents is extraordinary because during my infancy I was “mothered” by my Father (a very unique and uncommon phenomena). Our very common circumstances made this possible. My mother was undocumented at the time of my birth. A fact that also resulted in my Cerebral Palsy. After giving birth to me, my mother and two sisters were picked up by INS the next day, and taken back to Mexico for the duration of my primary infancy. Leaving my […]
19 Mar 2014 in Artistic Collaberation
Eternal Muse
My eyes are hypnotic With thier fiercely clear gaze My glance is the lure Of the unresolved maze Look closer to see I AM the key to and The unopen door The enigma of answer I AM the wisdom at its core   Hiding on the peripheral Of ALL the things you want more I AM their very lore   My step is the sway Of the waves My movement glides With the certainty of tides My every tread Is a Sacred Dance My every move imbues Romance   I AM the Wish above command  I AM the Warm Gleam of the sand   My hands are the Magic of the wands In the flick of my wrist And the twist of my arms In the tips of my fingers I hold the luckiest charms   My touch is Sweet and Hot and Cold Lingering Longing Hungrily Satisfying Savage and Sensual Holy and Healing Virginally Sexual Repulsively Appealing   My skin breathes the essence of Gold I AM the hold you’ll ever hope to have I AM the ever present loom of change I AM the reason for EVERY season I AM Performer Performance Theatre and Stage   I AM the Newness the Coolness of The […]
13 Mar 2014 in Poetry
Climbing out of the fault lines The cracks in the mask The lifelines of neurosis And all such osis   Shackin it off Rubbing it loose Shedding the dreading And all that exess Complex Under my treading A patchwork of skins That can’t say where I’m going Cos they only point to what I’ve been   Done now with making due With shale and coal While my appitite is for Dimonds and Preals I find nutriment from Precious gems I quench my thirst And feed my hunger With the flames of sacred Fire I grow stronger
12 Mar 2014 in Poetry
The 80’s Called…
Okay so maybe I’m a little on the late train. I missed the Super Bowl this year and the barrage of various stimulants or rather entertainment that come with it.  That said recently I had the TV on, not watching anything in particular, in fact, I was busy doing something else. The TV served more as white noise then anything else. Though suddenly a commercial was on that held me in its grip. It was so FUNNY I stopped what I was doing just to watch the commercial and LMAO!!!! It was a commercial for Radio Shack poking fun at its own out datedness. The 80’s called they want their store back. Its the only 80’s reference material that I’ve seen yet that accurately depicts the experience of living through the 80’s, at least for me. All the pop culture references are SO SPOT ON. It was so good and brought back such a fun nostalgic feeling that I am blogging about it. I just had to share it with anyone who will listen cos it was the best use of advertising time I’ve seen in ages. Radio Shack will be in the back of my mind echoing that good […]
08 Feb 2014 in Commentary
It’s (ALL) In The Details
The first week of February I was combating cabin fever (rainy weather) by cleaning out my closet. As I was taking things out, so that I could put them back again, later.  I took out a box. Not just any ol’ box its THE BOX. The box where many treasures live. I had some new things to add to it. So at first it was a very straight forward task. But then I opened it. This time was different then other times before, because I didn’t just stuff some more things in there, close it, and move on the the next thing. This time I sat down and went through that box. Item by item one by one through all the things in there. It took a long time to get through it all. Maybe it was because, it was more like, I stepped into my treasure box instead of just opening it that day. Part way through I had to rummage around all teary eyed in search of tissues because, it seemed like, just a bit much. But as I blotted my eyes, and blew my nose, I realized it was so much more then just enough. I felt […]
02 Feb 2014 in Commentary
Crow Musings
A few days ago I suppose my neighbor decided he had had enough of the conversation the Crows outside our respective windows seemed to be carrying on EVERY MORNING. He took it upon himself to silence the incessant CAWING by assaulting the crows with rocks. One crow flew away and the other stayed put. He seemed indignant by my neighbors rather rude aggressive behavior. He cawed defiantly a few more times and flew away. (I guess the pelting kinda worked because there has been no cawing since.) Though the whole time I thought to myself, “Oooo the neighbor’s gonna get it.” This incident got me to thinking about crow’s. Many many moon’s ago one of my very first Anthropology classes was called, The study of Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion. In which I learned about many things including an introduction to the mythological significants of Crow’s among the various cultures of the Americas. Not only in the America’s but through out the world and through out time crow’s have always held a particularly special mystique about them unlike any other run of the mill everyday animal. According to authors Jamie Sams & David Carson in their book, Medicine Cards the Discovery […]
01 Feb 2014 in Commentary
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